Find below a reliable list of the top best websites in Kenya: The websites are the most visited or read by Kenyans. They receive millions of monthly traffic. The rankings are based on February 27th 2017  statistics.

top best websites in Kenya by alexa
Rankings of the Top best websites in Kenya/ Photo by Alexa

About Alexa  web rankings

Alexa is an internet company that provides web traffic data and analytics. Alexa ranks websites based on tracking of Internet traffic.  This is basically the number of people who visit a particular website in a day.

Websites in Kenya

As you will notice, most of the top websites are  news, jobs and government websites. Very few small blogs have made it to the top. Check our next post for the rankings of the tops best blogs in Kenya.
Top Best websites in Kenya interms of traffic, 2017

Find below some of the most visited websites in Kenya


  1. website
  2. Website
  3. Website
  4. Website
  5. Website
  6. Website
  7. Ecommerce website
  8. website
  9. site
  10. site
  11. website
  12. of Kenya Online services portal
  13. aggregation website
  14. website
  15. website
  16. Tax paying services  website
  17. website
  18. website
  19. site
  20. website
  21. admission/placement website
  22. Jobs website
  23. Jobs website
  24. of Nairobi official website



NOTE: The rankings above are based on web stats obtained on 27th February 2017. The rankings might have changed depending when you viewed the list as website traffic varies each day.


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